A New Page in the Works

I have been working on a new page for Dolfins Dream World.


I am in hopes that it will take you to a place you can find information and be able to log into the world itself. I have spent all day trying to set up a login page..

My head is spinning… I guess it is time to stop for the night and enjoy the comfort of my little world itself.

Dolfins Dream World quick look

Well until next time,


Iris D

What a wonderful Day… Visit your Favorite Places

Great skyes here. So sorry if you are in the eastern or northern part of our beautiful country. Here is Sunny California it’s Sunshine for most of the state.

On another note:

I have been dabbling into Discord lately. There is a great amount of information to be had in this area. There is also a lot of just talking to others.

I did however set up a discord for Dolfins Dream Worl:

Discord invite: https://discord.gg/P29upbf

and another one for Hyper Grid:

Discord invite: https://discord.gg/sPRMdH

Feel free to join either one of these groups..

I did Hyper Grid in hopes that the conversation would lead us to many places worthy of our travels. There are tons of places to go according to the “Hypergrid Business” online Magazine put out by Maria Korolov. I know she works hard for all of us to have the latest updates and information available to us.

I have searched the wide-open web and have found this to be a very informative site.

My own little “Dolfins Dream World” is always just a visit away.. If it is not up at the moment it will be soon, so be sure to try back later. I just love to have visitors. It is a Private Grid so there is not much traffic but it’s still enjoyabl.

HuGGs Always,



Long Vacation

With my long vacation to my mom’s house Dolfin’s World seemed to go down. With winter setting in an not having so many fires.. I am in hopes that I can keep it up.. However should it go down.. please try agan in a day or two..

The world is up when I notice that it is not..

I do hope you have a great day..

How to get here..



Huge HuGGs

Iris D

Discord anyone?

I was amazed as there was not a discord group for Hypergirds, HG to be exact! I thought this was really strange. After trying to search for this group I decided to start one on my own.. so If you would like to join and put your “two cents” in as it is, here’s the codes:

Wow …. Anyone have any info? I know GCG is still working on getting back on according to Roddie Macchi. His last statement From FB”Just want everyone to know that things are going great!!…so hopefully in the next week we will be back!…fingers crossed!”
New Lasting invite.. please invite people you know are in Any HG Grid:
As always,
Iris D

Setting up My World

I’m still located at the same place Dolfins Dream World

Come visit sometime:


I try to be online but sometimes it goes down because of power outages..

Always do try later.

I have Anawigi’s Garden set up, a tribute to my late sister who died from Breast cancer

at the garden you can leave a notecard in the mailbox if you would like to add a flower pot to the setting.. I am happy to add people who have lost or won their battle with any type of cancer.

Be sure to say a prayer for all those who are fighting this horrable desiese



Dolfins Dream World is up and Running

Got to be quick. Got to catch it .. Oh yes Dolfins dream world is up and going strong. I got the codes fixed and now its a go….

Dolfins Dream Logo

Here’s the codes to come visit..


Not much there at the moment but I will be working on it..

Took me a bit but I got it done..

Grid URL:


This is basicaly a private Grid. There are some People on it but its much better to visit from a HG World.

HuGGs Iris

Multi-User Sim on a Stick

Are you a Sim on a Stick user.. ever want to set all your computers up so you can link them to your worlds?

I found this link for you.. I have been looking for it for a while, so it is not easy to find. It is not my work but very useful adn great information.

I’ll just drop the link here..

Multi-user sim on a stick

PS: yes my little world is still down.. so sorry



DolFins Dream World is down

Dolphins dream world is down for now. I’m trying to get it back up & working . I bought myself a new modem and so I wouldn’t have to pay the company I use for Internet service for their modem, however I’m having a bit of difficulty getting it set up. I’ll get it back up and running as soon as possible thanks for being really patient with me.


The Beginning of DolFin’s Dream World


I have always wanted my very own World. Thanks to Fred for setting up OutWorldz.Installer I now have it set up for my own grid.

This World is actually for me and a few good friends. If you want to visit you can always come by Hpergrid hop. All are welcome to visit.

I do run Gloebits on my grid so if you are incline to purchase something there you can.

Thanks so much for viewing my page.

HuGGs Always,

Iris Dolphin


Virtual Living in a Real World

My sister and I use to play “The Sims” way back in the day when it first came out on the market in the beginning of 2000. She was battling breast cancer and the game, she said “was the only thing I could control in my life anymore”.

We would make items and send them to each other viva CD disk or USB drives. We continued to play and send things we made and even our players. We played up until faithfully up until April of 2010. My sister Anawigi then convinced me to get into a game online called “SecondLife”. We still played TS but it was not as faithfully as it had been those years before SL.

I have been in Virtual worlds since 2008. I tried SecondLife at that time, but just didn’t have time for it as I wanted to spend as much time with my sister, she living in North Carolina and I in California. It was the only way we could connect and share intrest in our lives. She beat cancer and stayed cancer free up unitl 2010. The game of Virtual Worlds “SecondLife” gave her something to look forward to and me the chance to be able to really spend time with her. We visited wonder places and beautiful dance and great music places. We spent our time learning how to build from Builders Brewery and built beautiful items and had tons of fun doing it.

I even got her to check out a new world “InWorldz” and make an avatar there. I purchased land for her to have fun on in SecondLife (SL) and in InWorldz (IW). She and I set up a store in both places. We worked on the name and the design of the logo. This is how my shops Hummingbirds came about. (https://hummingbirdsiriscreations.wordpress.com)We had tons of quality time together before she lost her battle with cancer in August of 2013.

All this happened before I was aware of Hypergrid Worlds (HG). Oh gosh, she would have loved being able to jump from world to world. She was always know as Anawigi (SL) or Anawigi Summers (IW). I truly miss her.

Over the years I have made a ton of good and great friends. Met those who run their HG worlds, many of those who build, run free and Gloebit shops. I have met real people, using my avatar, that live close and so far away. I can honestly say, I haven’t met anyone in the Virtual worlds that I didn’t like. There is such a vast amount of personalities to enjoy here.

My Partner/Husband in Real Life (RL) and in all my Virtual Worlds (VW) is Warthog Dolphin. He loves sports on Tv and I don’t really care for it. So hence I play in my little worlds. He occasionally came to visit and see what I am up to. My beloved Warthog passes in October of 2017.

My intention and where I am trying to go with this is to make a online log so newbies can have a place to learn how to do things. I am hoping that they will be able to ask questions and help me know what is important to be able to place in these pages.

Iris Dolphin