UpDate: to Dolfins Dream World

I have a few places that you can check out things about the Grid:

Dolfins Dream World dolfinsdream.ddns.me:8002 Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice

Hypergrid Yes
Vivox voice Yes
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/iris.dolphin.3/
Facrbook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/648123455931772
Gloebits payment Yes
MeWe https://mewe.com/group/600fb5407a2163247eba2ea8
Disqus.com http://disqus.com/by/dolfindreamworld
Google Canendar https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/1/r?tab=kc&pli=1
Blog https://dolfinsdreamworld.wordpress.com/
Discord https://discord.gg/6ydtjXF
OpenSimWorld https://opensimworld.com/dir/?grid=dolfinsdream.ddns.me:8002

I do hope you will visit someday.. There is so much more to do. I’m still trying to get things put back the way they were. I did have some old OAS’s but nothing like the ones I have worked so hard on getting set up.

Huge HuGGs

Iris D

Dolfins Dream World

Dolfins Dream World is up and running.. I’m still doing some of the little things and adding some regions that need little touch ups, but for the most part it is up and running.

If you wish to visit please do so:


I am always happy to see visitors Leave me a note if you wish..

Check out Anawigi’s Garden and leave me a note as to someone you wish to add to the flower pots.

HuGGs as always

Iris D

I’m Back in Business!!!

I got my OSGrid lands back up and my Dolfins Dream World back up again.. I haven’t gotten all the islands back but I’m working on it..

I wish to thank everyone for being so patient.. I have to dump everything and start all over but that’s okay.. the new server is working so much better than the old one.

I’m actually in Heaven as to the way things went..

I’m still working on getting my Adreans-World lands back up.. (soon I hope).

Well anyway I thank everyone for praying for me..

Iris D

New Computer set up, BUT….

Well I got the new computer set up but the DVI for the monitor was the wrong type. I have ordered a new switch which should work. it should be here about Wednesday or Thursday. I also have a Vet appt on Wednesday for my Belle, as she has not been very well this last week. So please be patient with me as I am working on the problem.

Happy New Year 2021 I am in hopes that this year is much better than the last..

As always sending Huge Huggs

Iris D

New Parts, YIPIE!

Well the new stuff came in.. so now its just a matter of getting them set up…

Hopefully I will be back up and running a few days after the first of the year..

In the meantime…

Have a Very Happy New Year!

Server Down

Well it looks like my server gave up on me.. I ordered another one but it is taking time to get here.. Please be patient as I will set it up as soon as I can..

OH…. looks like I’m not the only one having problems.. Gloebit site is also down.. I know they are working on that also.. Its been 2 days so far.. lets hope it gets back up soon.

Well as they say at the end of the warners brothers cartoon.. “That’s All Folks”

Iris D

Server Problems

I have tried to no end to fix Dolfins Dreams World. I have failed and then my server crashed. I have ordered a new server and hopeful will be back up in 2 to 4 weeks.. I have not given up.. It’s just a set back.

All my wonderful lands will be back up once the new computer is in place and the lands are restored. (thank gosh I have backups)

Until then please enjoy visiting a whole host of HG girds..

A list of all the Grids can be found here:

Hypergrid Business

So until that day I have Dolfins Dream World up again.. (i’ll post it here).

Take care..

Iris D

Up-Grades to Dolfins Dream World

There are lots of new items at Dolfins Dream. I am always adding new items trying to make this the best world you can visit. I have added some Mesh clothing items for Men and Women, thanks to a friend. Most of these items are Free!

I have a box in the Mesh area where you may obtain some more mesh items.. I have been trying to keep up with things.

I have just added a new land Humming Birds to my OpenSimWorld account.

avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Humming Birds

would love for you to visit. It is a Shopping Center with lots of shops. I have Rentals available for those who wish a spot to sell items with Globits. The shops are free. I am just asking that you have 10 free items for free to give away. Please join the “Hummingsbirds Shops” group, contact me and I will change your title to HB Merchant.

If you need anything from the Kitely online shop. Please feel free to order something. You can always have it sent to your avatar on whatever Grid you wish. Kitely ships items all the time.


some of the items at Kitely online Shop.

Well as always HuGGs to you,

Iris D

OpenSim Fest 2020

I have been doing an OpenSim Fest 2020 showing of some of my items in their world. Tentivity they are to be open August 28-30th. with holding the Grid open for a month..

There is music, vendors from all over and tons of information. Come visit..

The Web page: https://web.opensimfest.org

Location: opensimfest.org:80

My shop location: hop://opensimfest.org:80/OSF Merchants/326/402/27


as always you are more than welcome to visit my Grid as a HG visitor

dolfinsdream.ddns.me:8002/Dolfins Dream Welcome

Escape the self isolation and go visit the Virtual Worlds.

as always,


Iris D