The Dreaded C-19

I haven’ really said anything about this virus, as I believe we need a good outlet and something to take our minds off of the obvious problems of life. However, I want you to know that I have lost a wonderful Virtual world friend due to it. This is real! We in the Real World need to take it seriously. I may just pass, but some of us may not make it if we contract the virus. Please! Please! Protect yourself and your loved ones..  Don’t take chances…

I see from my computer window lots of kids playing basketball across the street at the playground there… I know they are not from the same family.. Oh yes, they are not touching but they are touching the ball that all of them have touched. I can only pray that they are all alright and don’t contract this horrible virus.

I pray for the whole world that this epidemic ends soon.

So sorry for my rant and raving.. Be safe out there… Your life is important to me.

HuGGs as always,

Iris D

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