Real life is Scary…. think I’ll stay in Virtual Worlds

I am at high risk for this crazy virus. It is such a scary place out in the real world. People are hoarding and just plain being mean. Come on people it is time to own up and help each other.

Well !!! Enough about the outside world. I love the Virtual worlds as I can travel to places and not have to worry about anything.

I have had a great time setting up my lands and places on my ‘Dolfins Dream World”. I even have had a few people ask to join the gird.. so I set up a Residential land area. It is called Myst Medow.

All in all, I have a lot of places you can visit there

Welcome, Sandbox, Bodega Bay, Chama, Dalton, Myst Medow, and Dolfins Island. I am even on Hypergrid Business page now. I even have a OpenSim World spot @

I would love to have you come for a visit.. Please be sure to Leave me a notecard at the Sandbox..

as always,

Huge HuGGs

Iris D